Hi Guys

For the past few weeks we have been learning Transformation of 2D shapes. Transformation is Rotation, Reflection and Translation (Turn, Flip and Slide). For one of our actives both senior classes ( Senior N and Senior B) made groups of four to make a video using the Stop Motion app on the iPads. Watch the Video our group made.



Go the Blues

Hi guys

Yesterday, one of the best days in school history the whole school went down to Allard Park for the Sports Carnival. There were 4 teams, Red, Yellow, Blue and Green, I was in the Blue team. We all had a great day, well most of us did. We first started off with the sprints where the blue team beat everyone, mostly every one, actually the blue team did alright but didn’t beat everyone. Then we had a little break then got into our groups. We did 2 activities then we had lunch, then the two other activities, relay race then hurtles. The 4 activities I was in were Shot-put, Discus, Poison ball and the Obstacle course.  The overall scores and places were Yellow in 4th place with 205 points, Red in 3rd place with 206 points, Green in 2nd place with 215 points and the winners of 2015 The Blue team on 239 points,  

What was your favourite part of the sports carnival?Capture