Hands on Science more like Hands on Natural Disasters

Amazing! I didn’t know that much about Natural Disasters before yesterday but then yesterday  morning a man named Charlie from Hands on Science came to show us how some natural disasters work by doing  different experiments. My favorite experiment was making a Tornado in a bottle of water and spinning a cardboard circle which resembles the earth and putting the marble on it which resembles a Cyclone.


Here is a picture of some of the other experiments we were doing.IMG_8488

5 thoughts on “Hands on Science more like Hands on Natural Disasters

  1. Wow that sounds so interesting Will, I wish I wasn’t sick. Can you give me more information on the experiments,


  2. William, why was making a tornado in the bottle your favourite experiment when Hands On Science came to the school?

  3. Will,
    I like how you put in hands on natural disasters because it sounds much more catchy. I also like how you put in a photo and you also put lots of detail, but kept it short and sharp.
    Nathan/Big p

  4. Hey Will,
    I liked how you explained to me about the Science Works Incursion, do you like Science Works and what they taught you? Did you know any other interesting facts, if so please reply back to me and how does this happen.

    Sincerely Thomas

  5. Hey Will,
    Great post i like how you added what your favorite experiment was and i really enjoyed the cyclone one. is there any thing also you learnt and if so please reply back and is there any other things you enjoyed.
    Your friend Keenan

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