Natural Phenomena

Hi everybody !

For inquiry we have been making projects on natural phenomena, I choose to do an Art Response on a Volcano. My art piece shows how a volcano forms and what happens when it erupts. What was good about my project that it answered all the questions we got by detail in the drawing and that it had a paragraph explaining whats happening. What wasn’t so good was that my coloring in wasn’t great and that if  I was good at coloring in I could have put more color and more of a realistic look into it. Next time I do something like this I want to colour better, organise my time even better and try to answer some questions that haven’t even been given to me. But overall it was pretty good. What did you think about your project?


4 thoughts on “Natural Phenomena

  1. Hi will,
    Your picture was really good, I like how it shows all the stages of the formation of a volcano.

    Keep up the good work

  2. Will, I like the look of your Inquiry Project but I don’t see why you need better coloring skills it won’t make a difference it will still be and always be a masterpiece!
    From Thomasp11

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