Australian New Zealand Army Corps

Hi everybody,

On Monday the 25th of April it was A.N.Z.A.C day, the public holiday where you remember the Australian and New Zealand soldiers that fought in World War 2 in Gallipoli  (which is in Turkey)  for our country. On ANZAC day there is a dawn service, many Australians  go to the Shrine of Remembrance, the service starts at 4:30. ANZAC day is a very emotional day for those who lost people the loved and or were close to.  Here is a link about ANZAC day right click to go to the sight What do you think of ANZAC day do you think it’s a happy or sad day?

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Area and Perimeter Art

Hi everybody,

File_000 (1)
Here is a picture of me artwork.

Today for maths we did an art piece where we used our knowledge of AREA and PERIMETER. First we had to draw 3 rectangles, the 3 rectangles area and perimeter had to be between a certain amount of centimeters.  After we had to draw the three different rectangles on colored pieces of paper then cut them out and stick them on to a black piece of paper. I really liked this task because it was a mixture of two of my favourite subjects. Did you like this task?

5 awesome things I learned about EINSTEIN

Hi everybody,

Today we researched about Albert Einstein and what great scientific things discovered.

Here are five awesome things I learned about Albert Einstein.

  1. Albert didn’t like to wear socks
  2. Albert dropped out of school at the age of 15
  3. Albert married his cousin Elsa
  4. Albert invented the automatic electric eye camera
  5. Albert won a Noble Prize for physics in 1921.

Do you know anything else about Einstein and what he has done?

The Meeting

Hi everybody

On Monday we held our first class meeting. You’re  probably wondering why would we have a meeting? But its not the type of meeting where we discuss stuff about the school. It’s a meeting about what we think about the set topics on the agenda. This week the topics on the agenda were: the T20 cricket world cup final, Donald Trump and the Barkley Square Bike Festival.  We sat in a circle so that we could all see each other. There was one person who was the note taker. He/she wrote down what we said. When we had something to say we flipped our name cards over. There is another person who is the chair person, they run the meeting. I think the meeting went really well.

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