Australian New Zealand Army Corps

Hi everybody,

On Monday the 25th of April it was A.N.Z.A.C day, the public holiday where you remember the Australian and New Zealand soldiers that fought in World War 2 in Gallipoli  (which is in Turkey)  for our country. On ANZAC day there is a dawn service, many Australians  go to the Shrine of Remembrance, the service starts at 4:30. ANZAC day is a very emotional day for those who lost people the loved and or were close to.  Here is a link about ANZAC day right click to go to the sight What do you think of ANZAC day do you think it’s a happy or sad day?

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  1. Hi Will,
    I think ANZAC Day is sad and happy. Happy because we are celebrating what the ANZAC’s have done and sad because most of the Australian and New Zealand soldiers died during the war.

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