Hi everybody,

For the past few weeks in writing we have written Explanation texts. Everyone in our class chose a question to research E.g How a bicycle pump works. After all our research we went on to plan our Explanation text. An Explanation text has an intro, usually two main paragraphs that hold most of the information, a diagram about what ever your writing about and a conclusion. Most of the class was complaining because they had to do a plan but I thought it was okay.  Then we went on to our drafts, and finally we went on to our final copy, all of our explanation texts were great, well that’s what I thought. It was a slow process but it was fun. What did you think of your Explanation? Did you have fun? What was your Explanation text about? Please comment.

   This is my Explanation text.

Mad Libs!

Hi everybody,

Today in writing we did a fun activity with Mr Vin called  Mad Libs. We got into partners and got two sheets that had a made up story  or recount that had blanks, we had to fill in the blanks with adjectives, verbs, nouns etc… Our partner would ask us to say a verb or an adjective, we would say something like run and they would write it down in the blanks. When we finished  we went outside to read each others Mad Libs and try make each other spit out the water in our mouths.

What did you think of Mad Libs, please comment below.


Something I am working on…

Hi everybody

Today we had two choose working goals and put it on .

Something I am working on is in writing it is my hand writing because I have to use it every day, it makes my work look messy and when I writing on a portfolio piece or a good copy of something it looks messy. I can try to work on my hand writing when i’m writing one of my homework tasks or when I’m writing a draft in my writers notebook. I am also working on writing  different genres, because I am always writing narratives. I can try to work on writing other genres by writing a different one every week.

What are your goals?

Pleases comment.