Something I am working on…

Hi everybody

Today we had two choose working goals and put it on .

Something I am working on is in writing it is my hand writing because I have to use it every day, it makes my work look messy and when I writing on a portfolio piece or a good copy of something it looks messy. I can try to work on my hand writing when i’m writing one of my homework tasks or when I’m writing a draft in my writers notebook. I am also working on writing  different genres, because I am always writing narratives. I can try to work on writing other genres by writing a different one every week.

What are your goals?

Pleases comment.

One thought on “Something I am working on…

  1. Hi Will,
    Handwriting is a great goal. It is something we can easily forget about in the hustle of our everyday activities, especially if we are trying to get our work finished.
    Looking forward to seeing the improvement.
    Miss Bek

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