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For this terms inquiry we have been making iMovies to answer questions we made that have either got to do with chemical or physical science. We got into groups of three or four and got to choose which type of science we wanted to do. My peers in my group were Nathan and Khoder, we chose chemical science. Our question was Why Is Salt Salty? After we chose our question we went on to researching why salt is salty? Then when we finished our research we started our script which was easy and our story board. Finally we got to our filming it was tough, but we got through it.

I am most proud of getting all our information into the iMovie it was a big process transferring all our info onto the script and making it more suitable for kids then filming all our parts and making sure that everything is perfect like the sound, if we are saying the right lines, if we are doing the experiment right.

I enjoyed the making of the video it made me feel like laughing, it made me feel mad, happy, frustrated, just like how real actors and real directors would feel. Even though I mentioned some bad emotions it was still fun.

One of our challenges was to figure out what our question was going to be. It took about half an inquiry session to figure out what our question was going to be.

If I did it again I would choose a different place to film that is less noisy so my audience can hear my group and I better and I add more camera shots and angles while.

Some feedback I got from my peers was positive they said we that our group used lots of scientific words to show what the answer to our question was.


Please watch our video and comment about what you think of it,


Cross Multiplying

Hi everybody,

Here is an example of the cross multiplying strategy.

Today I found out how to work out if a fraction is bigger then another by using THE CROSS MULTIPLYING STRATEGY. I discovered that it was easy because all you need to do is multiply the top number of the first fraction by the bottom number of the second fraction, then you do it the other way around. Now I know that working out the bigger fraction isn’t so hard to do all you need to do is the cross multiplying strategy and then it is all simple to you. Did you think it was hard? Was it fun?  I thought it was a lot of fun, I hope you try it home or school to,

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Colorful, Wonderful, Creative, Decorative Ceramic Tiles

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For one of our art lessons we used tiles for art. First we drew on the tiles with different coloured sharpies. Then we put paint diluter on the tile to give the tile texture. After the tiles dried we drew on the tiles with black sharpies. Some people drew boats in the water, the sun set and anything that came to there mind. It was a great result and they a look beautiful.

What did you think of it? Did you have fun?

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Hi everyone,

This week in Maths we started division algorithms. Working out algorithms are really simple all you have to do is divide the number at the front by the first number in the box then if that doesn’t work if  you divide your number by the two numbers at the front if it has two, three or more digits  then by the next number etc… If that didn’t make sense to you here is an example of how to work out an algorithm.

Algorithms are fun, once you know how to do them they are easy.

What did you think of the division algorithms?

Do you find them easy?

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