Goals For Term Three!

Hi everybody,

It’s Term Three and I’m back,

This post will be about my goals for Term Three, I am looking so forward to achieving them.

These are my two goals.

  1. By the end of this term I’m determined to…   add more interesting and mature vocab ( Verbs, Adjectives, Nouns etc…)  into my writing pieces so that it is more mature, interesting to read and it would hook my reader in. I can achieve this goal by reading other peoples writing pieces that have lots of great vocab and by reading more books so I can pick up great vocab and add it in my writing. I chose this goal because out of the subjects we have at this school writing was lowest marked for me, it was the lowest because my writing didn’t have many interesting and mature vocab, so I really want to achieve this goal.

2. By the end of this term I’m also determined to…   to get out of the laziness of not reading much and saying to my “self i’ll read it later” and never actually reading the book. I can achieve this goal by starting off by reading a lot of the books I like then after a while stepping out of my comfort zone. I chose this goal because it would make a big impact on my other goal which is about more interesting and mature vocabulary in writing, it would also help me in literacy and inquiry.

What do you think about my goals? Can I achieve them? Do you have the same goals?

Please Comment,


2 thoughts on “Goals For Term Three!

  1. Hi Will
    You are a very smart boy, I think you can achieve these goals and much much more!!
    Good luck

  2. Great goals Will! I know that ones you’ve made up your mind about something you get there so I’m very confident that you will achieve your goals! Keep up the great work son!

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