My Awesome Inquiry Menu!

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For the past 6 weeks for inquiry we have been completing a Menu. Not an ordinary Menu, a menu for what we choose for our inquiry topic, I choose Issues. For the Canape we had to write the references that we got our information from, for the Entree, we had to choose between a timeline, venn diagram or mapping, for the main we had to choose between a historical narrative, exploding the moment or open minded portrait and for dessert we got to choose a movie, song/poem and an art piece. It was really fun, Now take a look at my menu.

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In the middle of this term for art we made ceramic bowls. First the were meant to be ceramic balls but they didn’t work out so instead we made ceramic bowls.  A lady named Christina came and showed us some tips about working with clay and helped us make our bowls. We rolled out clay and put it into paper bowls, after they dried we painted them and they turned out like this. img_20160914_131008                img_20160914_131029



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For the past two weeks we have been investigating a picture story book called FOX by Margret Wild and Ron Brooks. Some of the things we learnt were: how to write a character description, script writing, poetry, art response and main themes of books.

Check out my google slide show about my learning on the book FOX.

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Writing Limericks With Will

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Hope you are enjoying the first week of spring, for the past few weeks in writing we have been writing poems, different kinds of poems. Limericks, Cinquains, Haiku’s and rhyming poems, but today I’m going to show you how to write my favorite poem, the LIMERICK. It is very short and simple, it’s a silly poem that tells a story in five lines with the rhyme scheme AA BB A. Here is a link to an example of a limerick that I wrote.

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