My Awesome Inquiry Menu!

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For the past 6 weeks for inquiry we have been completing a Menu. Not an ordinary Menu, a menu for what we choose for our inquiry topic, I choose Issues. For the Canape we had to write the references that we got our information from, for the Entree, we had to choose between a timeline, venn diagram or mapping, for the main we had to choose between a historical narrative, exploding the moment or open minded portrait and for dessert we got to choose a movie, song/poem and an art piece. It was really fun, Now take a look at my menu.

Did you enjoy this topic? Did you like my work?



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One thought on “My Awesome Inquiry Menu!

  1. Fantastic efforts Will!

    I think all three elements to your menu were done considerably well! It was very interesting reading about all the different migrants who have come to Australia and made such an impact!

    Miss Bek

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