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On Monday the 9th of October, Senior B and Senior R went to the Melbourne Zoo in Parkville for our inquiry topic about endangered species. I discovered that one of the SOS 10 the Lord Howe Island Stick Insect was thought to be extinct for 80 years, but were still alive. The reason why they became extinct is because the europeans’ introduced rats which ate most of them.  Now I know that all the reasons why animals are becoming extinct/endangered, the reason is because of CHIPPD which stands for Climate Change, habitat loss, Introduced species, pollution, poaching and disease. I wonder how they know that Orangutans will become extinct in 10 years if we don’t help them?

What did you learn at the Melbourne Zoo?

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  1. Hi Will Gautier here, I learnt that the Gorillas habitat was getting chopped down for the illegal mining of Coltan!


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