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This term for literacy circles we have been doing something different instead of doing a role each week and conferencing with your group, we have to complete four tasks over a week and do our literacy circle book we got assigned to read. My book is called someone like me.

One task requires you to read any book for the whole session, one is exactly the same but you need to write your wonderings, feelings, Unknown/interesting words, questions etc… on a posted note, another is to complete a task on lit circle book, and the other is to conference with the teacher. Also we have to record how many pages we have read, what time we started reading and finished, what the date it is and what the book is called. I was surprised that it was easy, fun and that I completed it. I’m most proud of my lit circle task, it is 10 questions about my book, I think that I put a lot of detail and effort into the questions. Im determined to try to fully complete my Literacy Circle tasks to a high standard every week.


What is your book?

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  1. Hi Will.
    My book for Literacy Circles is ‘Little Brother’ by Allan Baillie. I was also surprised that I completed the task because I thought that I wouldn’t have.
    From Isabella 🙂

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