Christmas Art

Hi everybody,

For art we have creating a picture of Christmas baubles on a Christmas tree, we used shapes, line patterns, colours and collage. We also used straw blowing as a form of pattern making. I was surprised that my artwork came out really good and full of colours, I reckon I did a great job. The most difficult thing was blowing the green food dye all over the paper to make the Christmas tree, I felt like I was going to pass. It’s cool how effective the green food dye is, it looks so much more like a tree than drawing one with texta or pencil.

What do you think of my artwork? Is it good or is it good?

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My artwork.


Writing to Politicians

Hi everybody,

For writing we have been writing persuasive letters to politicians to try and persuade them to vote for Recommendation 12 of the Blewett Review which would make correct labeling of vegetable oils, added fats and sugars mandatory. We especially want the politicians to vote for the correct labeling of palm oil because it is causing many animals to become extinct like such as the Sumatran Rhino, Malaysian Sun Bear, Asian Elephant, Orangutan and the Sumatran Tiger. The name of politician I‘m writing to is The Honourable Dr David Gillespie. I’m most proud of finishing my typed up letter, getting halfway through my handwritten letter and making sure that my writing is neat. The most difficult thing was writing my letter neat, it took so long and at the end of the session I only made it halfway. I wonder if the politician will get my letter because we are sending it by mail and email.

What do you think of my letter?

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Hi everybody,

For the past few weeks for religion we have been learning about how we can be stewards of the Earth. One of the understandings we looked at was to identify how humans beings have misused God’s creation and name some solutions to environmental concerns.

I discovered that some ways human beings have misused God’s creation is by taking resources for granted and waste it without thinking, human beings pollute the Earth and destroy habitats for resources we don’t need. Some solutions to environmental concerns is to recycle, cut down on unsustainable products and not waste resources e.g water.

I wonder if all human beings will take a stand and be stewards of the Earth? I want to know more about how we can be stewards of the Earth? Even though I know that you have to take care of the Earth to be a steward of the Earth is there anything else you can do to become a steward of the Earth?

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