Hi everybody,

I can’t believe it is already the end of an incredible year, full of excellent learning and lots of fun. Just so you know this will be my last and final blog post for primary school.  

This year had lots of challenges, successes and good moments, here are some of them:

This year the most challenging things were…

Completing my final inquiry projects, even though I have completed them all I always found it challenging to complete them straight away or complete them without having to do them for homework, except for our term 4 project. I also found it challenging to make my work neater and to complete my writing quicker.

This year I was successful with…

Our term 4 inquiry project it was a complete success, we finished on time, we included everything we needed to make our video good, except for affects. I was also successful with my glogster for our lit circle book, I couldn’t believe that I managed to finish it at a alright standard.

Some good moments were…

When I made it into the second round of athletics for shotput and discuss, but unfortunately I fractured my leg so I couldn’t go. Another good moment was when we went to Fun Fields for our big day out I had lots of fun. My favourite moment is when we made a egg float in salty water for our chemical science video.

Overall the year has been great, I can’t wait to start a new journey in high school, but i’m sad because we are leaving primary school. This may be my last blog post, not just for the year maybe forever.

This is William signing off,

Good Bye.

One thought on “FINAL POST

  1. OMG! I still can’t believe that you will be in high next year, but when one journey ends another begins!

    If primary school is any indication of what you have achieved and the way you have conducted yourself, I believe that you will achieve greatness in High School.

    Well done & congratulations

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