Christmas Art

Hi everybody,

For art we have creating a picture of Christmas baubles on a Christmas tree, we used shapes, line patterns, colours and collage. We also used straw blowing as a form of pattern making. I was surprised that my artwork came out really good and full of colours, I reckon I did a great job. The most difficult thing was blowing the green food dye all over the paper to make the Christmas tree, I felt like I was going to pass. It’s cool how effective the green food dye is, it looks so much more like a tree than drawing one with texta or pencil.

What do you think of my artwork? Is it good or is it good?

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My artwork.



Hi Everybody,

In the middle of this term for art we made ceramic bowls. First the were meant to be ceramic balls but they didn’t work out so instead we made ceramic bowls.  A lady named Christina came and showed us some tips about working with clay and helped us make our bowls. We rolled out clay and put it into paper bowls, after they dried we painted them and they turned out like this. img_20160914_131008                img_20160914_131029


Colorful, Wonderful, Creative, Decorative Ceramic Tiles

Hi everybody,

For one of our art lessons we used tiles for art. First we drew on the tiles with different coloured sharpies. Then we put paint diluter on the tile to give the tile texture. After the tiles dried we drew on the tiles with black sharpies. Some people drew boats in the water, the sun set and anything that came to there mind. It was a great result and they a look beautiful.

What did you think of it? Did you have fun?

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Natural Arts

Hi everybody !

For art us grade fives and sixes used pebbles and twigs to make some sort of picture. First we got a plank of wood and panted it either green, blue, orange or red. Then we planned where we would put the pebbles and twigs and what kind of pebbles we would put, finally we glued down the pebbles and twigs, the final results looked awesome. Did you enjoy this activity? Have you ever thought of using pebbles and twigs for art?

File_000 (7)
This is a picture of my pebble art piece.