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Today for Inquiry we learned about ecosystems,  everyone got a ecosystem to research, I got the African Grasslands. If you don’t know what an ecosystem is, an ecosystem consists of habitats with animals, insects, plants, microorganisms that need each other and hold balance. I researched the African Grasslands, I discovered that the African Grasslands have 2 seasons, wet season and dry season, the grasslands cover about half of Africa and dry season is winter and we season is summer. The most challenging thing was to find lots of important information that had to do with the ecosystem. I wonder how many animals all together there is in the African Grasslands.

What was the ecosystem you researched? Was yours the same as mine?

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This is a picture of the poster Jasmeen and I made.



Hi Everybody,


For this terms inquiry we have been making iMovies to answer questions we made that have either got to do with chemical or physical science. We got into groups of three or four and got to choose which type of science we wanted to do. My peers in my group were Nathan and Khoder, we chose chemical science. Our question was Why Is Salt Salty? After we chose our question we went on to researching why salt is salty? Then when we finished our research we started our script which was easy and our story board. Finally we got to our filming it was tough, but we got through it.

I am most proud of getting all our information into the iMovie it was a big process transferring all our info onto the script and making it more suitable for kids then filming all our parts and making sure that everything is perfect like the sound, if we are saying the right lines, if we are doing the experiment right.

I enjoyed the making of the video it made me feel like laughing, it made me feel mad, happy, frustrated, just like how real actors and real directors would feel. Even though I mentioned some bad emotions it was still fun.

One of our challenges was to figure out what our question was going to be. It took about half an inquiry session to figure out what our question was going to be.

If I did it again I would choose a different place to film that is less noisy so my audience can hear my group and I better and I add more camera shots and angles while.

Some feedback I got from my peers was positive they said we that our group used lots of scientific words to show what the answer to our question was.


Please watch our video and comment about what you think of it,


5 awesome things I learned about EINSTEIN

Hi everybody,

Today we researched about Albert Einstein and what great scientific things discovered.

Here are five awesome things I learned about Albert Einstein.

  1. Albert didn’t like to wear socks
  2. Albert dropped out of school at the age of 15
  3. Albert married his cousin Elsa
  4. Albert invented the automatic electric eye camera
  5. Albert won a Noble Prize for physics in 1921.

Do you know anything else about Einstein and what he has done?

Natural Phenomena

Hi everybody !

For inquiry we have been making projects on natural phenomena, I choose to do an Art Response on a Volcano. My art piece shows how a volcano forms and what happens when it erupts. What was good about my project that it answered all the questions we got by detail in the drawing and that it had a paragraph explaining whats happening. What wasn’t so good was that my coloring in wasn’t great and that if  I was good at coloring in I could have put more color and more of a realistic look into it. Next time I do something like this I want to colour better, organise my time even better and try to answer some questions that haven’t even been given to me. But overall it was pretty good. What did you think about your project?


Hands on Science more like Hands on Natural Disasters

Amazing! I didn’t know that much about Natural Disasters before yesterday but then yesterday  morning a man named Charlie from Hands on Science came to show us how some natural disasters work by doing  different experiments. My favorite experiment was making a Tornado in a bottle of water and spinning a cardboard circle which resembles the earth and putting the marble on it which resembles a Cyclone.


Here is a picture of some of the other experiments we were doing.IMG_8488

The earth spheres.

Hi People

Through out this week we have been learning about the Earths spheres for our Inquiry topic Astronomy, we all got in to eight groups, two groups did the Hydrosphere, Geosphere, Biosphere and Atmosphere. Our group did the Hydrosphere, my group members were Dominic, Ben and Bridgit, the Hydrosphere is technically the water cycle and all the water on earth.

Here is a clip about the Hydrosphere and the Atmosphere.