Hi everybody,

I can’t believe it is already the end of an incredible year, full of excellent learning and lots of fun. Just so you know this will be my last and final blog post for primary school.  

This year had lots of challenges, successes and good moments, here are some of them:

This year the most challenging things were…

Completing my final inquiry projects, even though I have completed them all I always found it challenging to complete them straight away or complete them without having to do them for homework, except for our term 4 project. I also found it challenging to make my work neater and to complete my writing quicker.

This year I was successful with…

Our term 4 inquiry project it was a complete success, we finished on time, we included everything we needed to make our video good, except for affects. I was also successful with my glogster for our lit circle book, I couldn’t believe that I managed to finish it at a alright standard.

Some good moments were…

When I made it into the second round of athletics for shotput and discuss, but unfortunately I fractured my leg so I couldn’t go. Another good moment was when we went to Fun Fields for our big day out I had lots of fun. My favourite moment is when we made a egg float in salty water for our chemical science video.

Overall the year has been great, I can’t wait to start a new journey in high school, but i’m sad because we are leaving primary school. This may be my last blog post, not just for the year maybe forever.

This is William signing off,

Good Bye.

Goals For Term Three!

Hi everybody,

It’s Term Three and I’m back,

This post will be about my goals for Term Three, I am looking so forward to achieving them.

These are my two goals.

  1. By the end of this term I’m determined to…   add more interesting and mature vocab ( Verbs, Adjectives, Nouns etc…)  into my writing pieces so that it is more mature, interesting to read and it would hook my reader in. I can achieve this goal by reading other peoples writing pieces that have lots of great vocab and by reading more books so I can pick up great vocab and add it in my writing. I chose this goal because out of the subjects we have at this school writing was lowest marked for me, it was the lowest because my writing didn’t have many interesting and mature vocab, so I really want to achieve this goal.

2. By the end of this term I’m also determined to…   to get out of the laziness of not reading much and saying to my “self i’ll read it later” and never actually reading the book. I can achieve this goal by starting off by reading a lot of the books I like then after a while stepping out of my comfort zone. I chose this goal because it would make a big impact on my other goal which is about more interesting and mature vocabulary in writing, it would also help me in literacy and inquiry.

What do you think about my goals? Can I achieve them? Do you have the same goals?

Please Comment,


Colorful, Wonderful, Creative, Decorative Ceramic Tiles

Hi everybody,

For one of our art lessons we used tiles for art. First we drew on the tiles with different coloured sharpies. Then we put paint diluter on the tile to give the tile texture. After the tiles dried we drew on the tiles with black sharpies. Some people drew boats in the water, the sun set and anything that came to there mind. It was a great result and they a look beautiful.

What did you think of it? Did you have fun?

Please comment,


Something I am working on…

Hi everybody

Today we had two choose working goals and put it on .

Something I am working on is in writing it is my hand writing because I have to use it every day, it makes my work look messy and when I writing on a portfolio piece or a good copy of something it looks messy. I can try to work on my hand writing when i’m writing one of my homework tasks or when I’m writing a draft in my writers notebook. I am also working on writing  different genres, because I am always writing narratives. I can try to work on writing other genres by writing a different one every week.

What are your goals?

Pleases comment.

Australian New Zealand Army Corps

Hi everybody,

On Monday the 25th of April it was A.N.Z.A.C day, the public holiday where you remember the Australian and New Zealand soldiers that fought in World War 2 in Gallipoli  (which is in Turkey)  for our country. On ANZAC day there is a dawn service, many Australians  go to the Shrine of Remembrance, the service starts at 4:30. ANZAC day is a very emotional day for those who lost people the loved and or were close to.  Here is a link about ANZAC day right click to go to the sight What do you think of ANZAC day do you think it’s a happy or sad day?

Leave a comment below.


Natural Arts

Hi everybody !

For art us grade fives and sixes used pebbles and twigs to make some sort of picture. First we got a plank of wood and panted it either green, blue, orange or red. Then we planned where we would put the pebbles and twigs and what kind of pebbles we would put, finally we glued down the pebbles and twigs, the final results looked awesome. Did you enjoy this activity? Have you ever thought of using pebbles and twigs for art?

File_000 (7)
This is a picture of my pebble art piece.